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© 2019 by Belle Jenings

I know why you're here...

You are here because you are seeking more.

There’s a spark inside of you that’s yearning to become a bonfire.

You’re ready to start playing in the big leagues, instead of the safe and small, paycheck-to-paycheck world.

You’re no longer buying into the promise of the 9-5 and white picket fence life hoax.


You want to be the gal drinking coconuts on the beaches of Bali between client calls.

You want to attend the afternoon yoga class before hitting up happy hour with your girls, and be the hero that picks up the tab because “it ain’t no thing”.

You want to finally give your family the attention it deserves. No more frazzled and stressed out you, no more trying to balance this and that and falling short in each, no more rescheduled dates or missed events because you have to work late or because you’re too tired from working late the night before.


Enough is enough.


You’re ready for more.


And I’m here to tell you that you are worthy of more.

check me out in Bali!

Hello! I'm Belle

At just 24, I saw through the bullshit of traditional life that kept me locked in a cycle of working and wishing and getting nowhere fast. The more I worked for someone else, the further down the Well of Unhappiness I sank into. The further down I went, the more money I spent to try and make myself happier (think “self-care” manicures, “stress-releasing” shots at happy hour, and “I deserve this” sexy heels that I’d never actually wear anywhere). And, of course, the more I spent, the more I had to work. See where this is going?


I thought that was just how it went. I did as I was told: I went to college, got a degree, and got a job. That was the key to success, right? And if I just kept at it for a few more years and worked my way up the ladder, I’d be able to live comfortably and then have a beautiful retirement to close off a life well lived.


But that didn’t sit right with me. Figuring that I’ve only got this one life and I’m only young once, why should I waste it working behind a desk with the hope that I age gracefully and with a good retirement fund instead of getting hit by a bus tomorrow and missing my chances entirely?


No thanks, not for me. I’m going to do something different!


So I quit. I turned in my notice and struck out on my own. I started investigating what my options were and started getting creative with what my life could look like and how.

I am my own boss

I work on my own schedule

I live out of a suitcase (in a good way!)

I am aligned with my values

I love what I do

My work gives me purpose!


(I live out of a
much larger suitcase)

How I Did It:

From high school teacher living in her dad's basement to entreprenurial coach traveling the world, it all happened because of one thing:

My Mindset

I didn't immediately fall into purpose after leaving the classroom. It took two years of shifting between a variety of jobs and fields and constantly falling lower and lower in the negativity spiral I had started before I finally reached a significant low and knew I couldn't risk continuing the way I was. 
So I made a decision. I made the decision that I was worth more than what I was getting and that I was going to go after everything that I wanted, no matter what. That meant putting aside my pride and asking for help; it meant putting aside my excuses and taking responsibility for my actions and my situation; and it meant focusing on my inner self more than my outward situation.
I hired coaches and a therapist. I started reading personal development books and listening to podcasts. I worked with a nutritionist and discovered that I had Celiac's disease, so I changed my diet. I did yoga and meditation and filled countless journals with everything I could think of.
And I started believing in myself and the endless possibilities I could accomplish.  
My own incredible results turned my spark into a bonfire. I was amazed at how dramatically my life was affected by such simple things like my thoughts and energy. I quickly started picturing a world where everyone believed in their own potential and acted with positive intention. Right away, I got to work, and there's no looking back.


Want to know more? Have any questions?

Send me a message!! 

Work together

You’ve been dreaming for long enough. It’s time to speak your truth, rise up, commit to it, and make a change. Your dream life can start today.